Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Clearpower are partnered with leading equipment manufacturers to supply steam turbine solutions from 500kWe to 10MWe and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) solutions on thermal oil up to 3.2MWe.

Steam based biomass CHP solutions can be a highly efficient solution where process steam is required on site. ORC can be preferred where a hands off solution is required and heat is required in the form of hot water. ORC solutions can suit a commercial or non-industrial user, and can also operate at much lower pressures that steam CHP.

Biomass steam ORC
Can operate at low and high pressures Operates at lower pressure,  resulting in long life and low maintenance costs
Suitable for industrial applications where process steam required on site Can be more suitable for commercial,  healthcare, or government applications
Can have slightly higher electrical efficiencies Slightly lower electrical efficiencies than steam based chp
Becomes more cost effective biomass chp solution at higher sized ranges Can be a cost  effective biomass chp solution at lower size electrical range (less than 2.5MW)


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