Design & Install

System Design

A key element in the success of any renewable energy installation is the design element. Sometimes the value of a well-considered and correct design is overlooked as the benefits are not immediately visible. However in terms of having a system which runs reliably and efficiently for many years correct design is critical. Hydraulic/hydronic design is concerned with the sizing of pipework, pumps, valves and any other fittings which affect the flow of the heating medium. Potential issues due to incorrect hydraulic design include noise in pipework and fittings, pipes rattling, inadequate heat delivery. By assembling all the required components together does not guarantee that the system will function properly. Failure to respect the operating characteristics of components will result in installations that underheat, overheat, waste energy, or otherwise disappoint their owners.

All our installations are designed by experienced, in house, degree qualified engineers who are familiar with the necessary standards and design guidelines.

We can deliver design services either as owners engineer or under a turnkey design and build situation. Equally, we are happy working under instruction from client engineers. All Clearpower design work is fully covered under professional indemnity insurance and performed in accordance with our ISO accreditations (9001, 14001 and 18001). Our continued commitment to maintaining these standards, we believe, demonstrates our allegiance to continual improvement and regulatory compliance in terms of the management of our quality, environmental and health and safety procedures.

With Clearpower the design process is always bespoke. We meet our customers and visit site before putting our designs together. We take account of site conditions and our customer’s specific requirements and deliver a design which is tailored to your unique situation.


Project Delivery

Project delivery includes project planning and scheduling, preparation of specifications for main equipment, preparation of specifications for various subcontractors (e.g. civil subcontractors), running tender processes, placement of orders for main items of equipment, project management, site supervision and client liaison. Clearpower typically subcontract out civil works, and mechanical and electrical works above a certain scale. We have the capability to do minor mechanical and electrical works in house. Project management is also an in house specialty, something which we have developed over our 15 years of experience. This experience in the industry also means we have built up good relationships with subcontractors and equipment manufacturers/suppliers which ensure we achieve value for money and short lead times. Site supervision is another critical element of project delivery. We match our resources to the scale and complexity of the project and to client requirements. We pay particular attention to key milestone dates, such as sub-contractor mobilisation and induction, boiler delivery, heat on, etc.


Installation & Commissioning

We also have a skilled in house installation team who can take responsibility for project build. Our commissioning engineers have a wide body of expertise in commissioning the full spectrum of renewable energy applications.

In particular, our technical services team have 30+ years of experience between them of installing, commissioning and maintaining biomass heating systems. They have received installation, commissioning and maintenance training from biomass equipment manufacturers, Safepass, confined spaces entry and risk assessment training. In addition one is a qualified electrician and the other a qualified plumber.


Energy Consulting

Companies can reduce overheads now and protect against future cost increases by managing their energy use.  The first step is to understand and monitor usage, then to identify saving opportunities and progressively reduce usage and costs.  Clearpower provides energy management services for local authorities, private companies and public bodies. What we offer:

  • Energy Monitoring & Management
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Supply/Distribution Analysis & Optimisation
  • Energy Strategy
  • Feasibility studies for renewables projects; biomass, district heating, solar photo voltaic, anaerobic digestion, CHP
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Consultancy
  • Grant/funding/RHI applications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • District Heating Design
  • Preparation of Specifications
  • Preparation of accompanying AutoCAD drawings
  • Design Reviews
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Contract Management
  • Client Representation
  • 3rd party Energy Officer for SMEs


Biomass Heating & Combined Heat & Power

Installing biomass heating systems is where Clearpower started out 15 years ago. We now have a significant level of experience in delivering and maintaining these systems. We are not an agent for any particular make of biomass boiler – we will install and maintain any biomass boiler. There are many factors involved in the boiler selection process and one make of boiler will not satisfy every customers requirements. To date we have installed Heizomat, Viessmann (KOB), Herz, Compte-R, Woodco, Kara and VAS boilers. We have maintained all of the aforementioned and also Schmid, Gilles, Froling, KWB, Hoval, among others.

To date we have installed one biomass CHP. This is at the BSkyB offices in London and the project was successfully completed in 2010. In fact this installation is referred to as a CCHP/trigeneration facility, as it provides heat, cooling and electrical power to the Sky office building.


District Heating

Clearpower are highly experienced in District Heating (DH) systems comprising fossil fuel, CHP and biomass heat sources.

Our expertise covers DH systems from a few users to hundreds of users. Clearpower build and deliver district heating schemes on behalf of others under EPC or, on our own behalf, under ESCO contracts. Clearpower have significant experience of working with pre-insulated piping (steel and PEX) as well as HIUs and heat metering equipment.

Clearpower have successfully delivered 10 district heating schemes between 2006 and 2017. This includes school and hospital campuses and apartment complexes.


Solar PV

While we have been immersed in biomass since our inception we have only quite recently seen the light of solar PV. We started out in this area in 2014. Since then we have completed a number of commercial, roof mounted installations in the UK. We are interested in hearing from anyone considering roof mounted solar PV for their business and also in ground mounted/solar farms.


Heat Pumps

Clearpower can provide air source heat pumps for supply to the domestic market (install by others) or supply and install to the commercial market. We currently only work with air source heat pumps due to ease of installation, operation and ease of access to the heat source.


Project Funding

We can provide project funding to enable energy users to gain the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy solutions without investing valuable capital. We can build, own and operate renewable energy installations, selling the energy produced to the customer in an Energy Supply Company (ESCO) agreement. For the customer the benefits are clear:

  • Retention of capital to spend elsewhere in your business
  • Savings on your energy bills
  • Fulfilment of carbon reduction commitments
  • Total outsourcing of energy production and supply to a trusted operator allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • We finance each ESCO project individually depending on its own particular needs and we have access to a line of credit for qualifying projects.

If you are considering a renewable energy solution, but are concerned by the capital cost, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a funded solution. We are currently particularly interested in funding the following types of project:

  • Biomass heating solutions from 400kW to 2MW and
  • Biomass CHP or trigeneration (electricity, heating & cooling) solutions of 1-3MWe for data centres, large offices and mixed use developments.
  • Roof mounted solar PV
  • Ground mounted solar PV/solar farms


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