Clearpower has evidenced exponential growth since the launch of the company in 2002 (see historical activity graph below) garnering a breadth of invaluable experience and competence in the specification, design, installation and service of renewable energy systems.

In recent years the company has broadened its portfolio of products and services to encompass, Solar, Heat Pumps, small-scale Wind, Micro-generation, Biogas and other complementary energy saving products and services. We have also restructured the company to concentrate our activity in Ireland and intend to develop a Clearpower online renewables shop and further expand our product range.


Clearpower Milestones

    - Clearpower launched

    - Successfully established the first commercial trials of short rotation willow for fuel production in Ireland.

    - Secured waste permit for use of willow systems for recycling of liquid waste from Diageo plc.

    - Successfully delivered first organic waste management project.

    - Installed first biomass hot water installation.

    - Secured exclusive agency for Heizomat boilers and chippers.

    - Commenced waste water sludge recovery as a fertiliser with first major municipality.

    - Built up the in house installation and service team.

    - Secured agency for Kob equipment, a leading Austrian hot water boiler manufacturer up to 1.25MW.

    - Launched Ireland’s first dedicated wood fuel depot.

    - Successfully harvested and dried willow chip from plantations.

    - Signed long term organic waste recycling contracts with major industrial clients.

    - 30th Bio-Energy installation commissioned

    - Launched second fuel depot

    - Reached 25,000 tonnes per annum of organic waste recycling contracts.

    - Secured agency for Compte hot water and steam boiler equipment, up to 13MW.

    - Delivered three district heating schemes with large centralised energy centres

    - 50th Bio-Energy installation commissioned

    - First ESCO commissioned for long term heat supply to apartment blocks.

    - Further expansion of organic waste recycling contracts capturing four major County Council contracts.

    - Opened office in Galway, Ireland.

    - Opened UK office in London.

    - Won contracts to design and install 6MW biomass hot water system.

    - 70th bioenergy installation commissioned.

    - Reached 70,000 tonnes of organic waste recycled per year.

    - Secured line of credit to finance rollout of a funnel of development projects under the Build, Own, Operate model.

    - ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation achieved across the business

    - 80th Bio-Energy installation commissioned

    - Signed contract to deliver the UK’s first Biomass organic Rankine Cycle combined cooling, heating and power plant for BSkyB in Brentford, West London

    - Won contract to develop bespoke organic waste recycling software system for Severn Trent in the UK

    - Opened second UK office in Bournemouth

    - ISO 18001 safety management accreditation achieved

    - DCC PLC Acquire Clearpower Ltd

    - Clearpower install over 2.5MW of heat into Durham County Council Offices, Great Glen House, Byker district heating and Howarth windows and doors

    - Clearpower become part of Flogas Renewables, a Flogas Britain initiative.

    Installed a biomass DH network at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire. Consisting of 1 no. 540kW woodchip boiler, 1 no. 400kW wood chip boiler, connected to 73 heat users.

    Installed a biomass DH network at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. Consisting of 1 no. 950kW wood pellet boiler, 2 no. 900kW oil boilers, connected to 17 accommodation blocks.

    Installed a 960kW wood chip boiler at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire.

    Installed circa 2MW of biomass boilers at various sites, including EON Wain Homes, Depperhaugh Care Home, EON Bath Western, EON Colindale, Bicester Leisure Centre and Twycross Zoo.

    Installed a 220kW wood pellet boiler at Ballyshannon Primary Care Centre in Donegal.

    Installed a 150kW wood pellet boiler at Ragdale Hall Spa in Leicestershire.

    Installed a 199kW wood pellet boiler in a Pre-packaged Plant Room at the Hilton Hotel Craigendarroch in Aberdeenshire.

    100th Bioenergy installation commissioned.

    Installed a 300kW wood chip boiler in a Pre-packaged Plant Room at Bassingbourn Village College in Hertfordshire.

    Installed a 300kW wood chip boiler in a new purpose built Energy Centre, alongside 2 no. 400kW natural gas boilers, at Mount Grace School in Leicestershire.

    Installed a biomass DH network at Clayesmore School in Dorset. Consisting of 2 no. 500kW wood chip boilers, 4 no. 500kW oil boilers, connected to 43 heat users.

    Clearpower accredited to the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance (WFQA) scheme for Production and Supply of Air Dried Wood Chip.

    Withdrew from the UK market to focus solely on the island of Ireland. Now working with Flogas Ireland.

    Winners of the Best Services Provider & Overall Product of the Show at the SEAI Energy Show

    Clearpower shortlisted for Irelands Plumbing & Heating Awards 2017 for our acclaimed Clearpower “Forest to Heat Model”.

    - Record year for Woodchip sales for Clearpower amounting to over 8,500 tonnes of chip at 25% Moisture content.

    - Renewal of DFPNI fuel contract supplying circa 2,000 tonnes of wood pellets per annum to a range of different customers across the 6 counties of Northern Ireland

    • Certification to ISO45001:2018 achieved
    • First solar PV installation completed

    - Supply and install of new silo and fuel delivery system for O’Connor’s Nurseries 600kW woodchip boiler.

    Renewal of NUI Galway Biomass boiler fuel and maintenance supply agreement.

    – Supply and install of new silo and fuel delivery system for the Department of Agriculture, Johnstown Castle 300kW woodchip boiler

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